• Wide range of steel

    Supply of tool, high-speed, stainless and constructional grades of steel. Over 500 tons of tool steel are always in stock.

  • Supply of forged and rolled metal products

    Today, the scope of steel deliveries to the enterprises is over 3500 tons per year. More than 400 enterprises of the Republic of Belarus are our regular customers.

  • High quality steel

    The deliveries of steel are carried out from the works gained quality management certification to ISO 9001-2008. Incoming inspection is additionally carried out on each batch of metal arrived at our warehouse.

  • Steel supplies from European steel works

    Steel has a high quality structure and corresponds to the steel produced by ESM. Steel comes with a faced surface and has exact sizes with minimum tolerances.

  • Please contact us

    Client-centered approach. Long-lasting and mutually beneficial cooperation. Assistance in choosing a desired grade of steel depending on the operating conditions, in selecting an analog.

Тел.: +375 (17) 373-01-62 (63,64)
The Interstal company is the largest supplier of tool steel to the market of Belarus

Interstal offers companies and organizations any constructional, alloy, stainless, tool and high speed steel.

The principal directions of the company’s activity include:
• wholesale of the entire spectrum of tool steel in the form of rolled steel, steel bars and sheets;
• supply of forged products of tool, carbon and alloy steel;
• delivery of spare parts to forging, metallurgical, mining and cement equipment;
• production of shears and blades for various industries.


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