The Interstal company has an opportunity to supply production tools in the form of dies for die stamping, dies for hot die forging and pressing tools.

Dies for die stamping:

  • dies for shearing operations (shearing, cutting with waste, cutting without waste, cutting (punching), scoring, punching, die cutting, punching, trimming
  • dies for shaping operations (bending, curling, calibration, flattening, drawing, ironing, combined drawing, bead forming, dispensing, crimping, bulge forming, flanging, embossing, stippling)

Dies for hot die forging:

  • hammer dies for hammers with the weight of moving parts of up to 1000 kg, 2000 kg, 3150 kg, 5000 kg (single-impression, multi-impression)
  • dies of hot die-forming crank presses
  • joggling dies for horizontal forging machines

Pressing tools:

  • injection molds for non-ferrous alloys, rubber, plastics, including with the use of hot runner systems
  • blow press molds
  • multiple press molds for industrial rubber articles
  • pattern equipment for foundry production (models, core boxes, block molds, etc.).

We also have an opportunity to manufacture large-sized dies for hot die forging with maximum dimensions of 600x1000x2200 mm (weight of up to 7 tons).
We are ready to work in accordance with the customer’s technical documentation.