Purpose: shafts, dies, inserts, etc.

Steel: 5ХНМ, 4Х5МФС, 20ХН3А, 20Х2Н4А, 40ХН, 40X, 45, 20, and others.

Forged products are manufactured in accordance with GOST 8479-70, allowances and tolerance extremes in accordance with GOST 7062-90, GOST 7829-70.
We can supply preprocessed and sonicated forged products

The quality is confirmed by a certificate of quality..

Weight of forged products is up to 20 tons.

D=80-1200 мм
L=200-8000 мм
H=80-1000 мм
B=100-1100 мм
L=350-8000 мм
Валы и кубики